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There was a lovely article about moi, my company Crafty Publishing and one of our authors, Tony Glover in last week’s Newcastle Journal. It was the lead article in the Culture Section. Those of you who know me well might notice though that it says I was a journalist in Cape Town in the early 90s when you all know I was a care-free student still at Rhodes at that time. My mistake, not the journalist who wrote the article – I wasn’t clear enough in the interview. Not surprisingly as I was rushing off to a book launch at the time. So for the record: I was a journalist in the late 90s. And my daughter was born in 2005 in England and didn’t travel with us from South Africa in 2002. Still a great article though! Tony and I also had a brilliant time at the launch at the Literary and Philosophical Society of the print versions of The Peace Garden and Cars Just Want to Be Rust. Pic of us below in ‘serious author’ pose …

Fiona Veitch Smith and Tony Glover at the launch of their novels for Crafty Publishing at the Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo by: Ruby Glover.

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