Books for Adults

The Poppy Denby Investigates Series

The Jazz Files

The first in the Poppy Denby Investigates Series, published by Lion Fiction, September 2015.
Poppy Denby gets a job as a journalist on a London newspaper and investigates the death of a Suffragette seven years earlier. As she follows the trail she too becomes the target of the suspected killer.

The Jazz Files was shortlisted for the CWA Historical Dagger in 2016 and is available in paperback, ebook, large print and audiobook.

Book 2 The Kill Fee, sees Poppy investigating the theft of a Faberge Egg and the assassination of a White Russian Princess in a West End Theatre. The Kill Fee was shortlisted for the Foreword Review Mystery Novel of the Year in 2017

Book 3 The Death Beat, sees Poppy and Rollo heading to New York for three months and discovering it’s murder in Manhattan.

Book 4 The Cairo Brief sees Poppy investigating a series of mysterious deaths surrounding the auction of the Death Mask of Nefertiti. The Cairo Brief was longlisted for the People’s Book Prize 2019.

Book 5 The Art Fiasco sees Poppy investigating the death of a world-famous artist while on holiday in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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The Poppy Denby books are also available in large print and audio, published by WF Howes.

Pilate’s Daughter

The year is AD28. In Roman-occupied Judea, Claudia Lucretia Pilate, daughter of the governor Pontius Pilate, is not happy with her father’s choice of husband for her – the handsome Roman Tribune Marcus Gaius Sejanus, who has been assigned the task of ridding Palestine of the troublesome Zealots. Lover of Greek myths and culture, Claudia has ideals of finding a partner of her own and she unwittingly falls in love with Judah ben Hillel, a young Jewish Zealot, who has been instructed by his kinsmen to kidnap and kill her. As the last days of Jesus are played out in Jerusalem, the future happiness of Claudia and Judah becomes ever more thwarted and the outcome played out in a wider arena than they ever imagined.

A tale of star-crossed lovers, Pilate’s Daughter brings to the fore many lesser-known characters from the gospel accounts of Jesus, who mingle with fictional characters against the historical backdrop of Roman life in Palestine.
Pilate’s Daughter is published by Lume Books (formerly Endeavour Publishing). Available as e-book and paperback.

The Peace Garden

The Peace Garden

fiona-veitch-smith-the-peace-gardenWhen Natalie Porter starts investigating plant theft in a suburban cul-de-sac, she never dreams it will lead her on a terrifying journey from the gardens of England to the townships of Apartheid South Africa; and a far darker secret than the whereabouts of a missing azalea.

Self-published under the imprint Crafty Publishing in 2011, The Peace Garden is a coming of age romantic thriller doused in political intrigue, racial tension, international terrorism and … gardening.

Books for Children

The Time-twister Series

The Time-twisters, are graphic novels about time travelling children who visit famous scientists of the past. Published by SPCK in collaboration with the Faraday Institute. Illustrated by Laura Borio. The first in the series, Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer, is out now.

Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer

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The Young Joseph series

The Young Joseph Picturebook series for children 3-6 years, are written by Fiona Veitch Smith and illustrated by Andy Catling (Published by SPCK).

Joseph and the Rainbow Robe

fiona-veitch-smith-joseph-and-the-rainbow-robeIn the first book of the Young Joseph series, we find Joseph living in Canaan with his dad, stepmothers, eleven brothers – and lots of scene-stealing cows! Joseph is his father’s favourite, which makes his brothers very cross, especially when he tells them about the dream he has had in which the sun, moon and eleven stars bow down to him. To cheer him up, Joseph’s dad gives him a beautiful coat of many colours – a ‘rainbow robe’ to remind him that God loves everyone – even his brothers.

Book 2Joseph and the Jealous Brothers

Book 3Joseph and the Lying Lady

Book 4Joseph and the Forgetful Servant

Book 5Joseph and the Dreaming Pharoah

Book 6Joseph and the Hidden Cup

Book 7Joseph and the Fearful Family

The Young David series

The Young David Books are a series of children’s books based on the childhood of the Biblical King David. These beautifully illustrated inspirational fictional tales address issues commonly faced by young children, such as sense of identity and self-worth, facing fears and making friends. Suitable to be read to 3-6 year olds, or as a reader for 6+ year olds, they are sure to delight.

Originally published by Crafty Publishing between 2011 and 2015, as of 2015 the series is published by SPCK.

David and the Hairy Beast
David and the Kingmaker
David and the Giant
David and the Lonely Prince
David and the Grumpy King
David and the Never-ending Kingdom

Myro the Microlight

nick-rose-myro-arrives-in-australiaMyro the Micrlolight is the smallest plane in the world. Join him and his friends in a series of breathtaking adventures Down Under.

Published by: Nick Rose Ltd, 2010

Created by Nick Rose
Ghostwritten by Fiona Veitch Smith
Illustrations by Lucy Bourne

nick-rose-myro-and-the-bushfireMyro Arrives in Australia
Myro and the Bushfire
Myro and the Railcar
Myro and the Tiger Moth
Myro and the Sky Divers
Myro and the Jet Fighter