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Supporting act for the Gruffalo

I was recently invited along to help open the new library of Woodlawn School in Whitley Bay http://www.woodlawn.org.uk/. However, when I got there I discovered I was a mere supporting act. When the Gruffalo arrived the children squealed with delight and queued up to have their picture taken with him. I managed to kick a few of them out of the way to make sure I had a chance with him too :) After he left, I donated a set of my Young David Picture Books on behalf of SPCK Publishing and read some stories to the younger children. I then spent some time with the senior students talking about the life of a writer. I hope the children and staff will spend many happy hours in their new library – it’s a magical place.

Storytelling time. The children of Woodlawn School enjoying the tale of David and the Giant.

The senior students of Woodlawn School receiving a set of Young David Books for their new library – a gift from SPCK Publishing.

Get rid of that loincloth!

I gave a talk on adaptation – the process of transferring stories between different media – at an ACW conference in Leeds last weekend. Had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends. Other speakers included Corin Child giving tips on taking opportunities to promote your own writing and Steve and Mandy Briars on getting books into bookshops. One of the delegates summed up what he’d learned during the day:

  • Get rid of the loincloth
  • Write in your pyjamas
  • Sleep with a skeleton
  • Some church people misunderstand writers
Now I’m going to be a real tease and not explain any of that!

Me pontificating on adaptation at the ACW Writers’ Conference in Leeds.