Right seed, wrong soil … or vice versa!

I’ve been thinking lately about seed. As a writer covering many different media I always have a lot on the go. My story ideas are seeds and the soil they are planted in the medium of choice: a book, a film, an article, a play. I have a story idea at the moment about a boy from a council estate who dreams of going to space. But what is the right soil for this seed? Should it be a play (which I’m leaning towards) or a book or a film? Or perhaps, even a radio drama. I’m not sure.

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I have another play on the go that I believe is right for the stage. But I’m struggling to find a producer to take it on. When my proposal is turned down does that mean it’s not good ‘seed’ or just that the soil I was trying to sow it in isn’t the right environment? Perhaps another theatre or another producer might give the play a better chance to grow.

The same principle can be applied to our lives in general. Do you have seed but don’t know where to sow it? Or have already sown it but are not seeing it grow? It could be a seed of relationship or career or finance. Are you investing time and energy into something that just isn’t bearing fruit? You need to ask yourself if it’s the right seed in the wrong soil … or vice versa! Or perhaps it is simply the wrong season.

Jesus, who is a great hero of mine, talks about seed and soil too. His story is found in the Parable of the Sower. There’s a lot to ponder there if you have some time to sow.

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  1. Rod on said:

    Great post – very Seth Godin-esque.

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