Swanning around in Swanwick

For the last three years I have had the honour of attending the Christian Resources Together Retreat in Swanwick. In previous years I have led seminars on behalf of the Association of Christian Writers. This year I had the privilege of being in a panel discussion ‘On the Sofa with Clem’ with authors Bob Hartman, Sheridan Voysey and Luke Wordsey as well as reps from the Bible Society and SPCK. I also was part of a panel with Speaking Volumes, a wonderful charity which I’m proud to support. Apart from that, my little publishing company Crafty Publishing had a stall to showcase our Young David Books and apps. I was accompanied by my beautiful assistant Rodney Smith who manfully manned the stall while I flitted around ‘networking’. Couldn’t do it without you babes! — at The Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick

Speaking Volumes video

OK, so I’ve been overlooked for the Bafta’s yet again (I shall forgive them this oversight and vote for Judi Dench) but I have managed to wangle a cameo appearance in a promotional video for Speaking Volumes. If you look very carefully at the beginning you will notice my book ‘David and the Giant’ being read by the lovely Rosy Lozinski and her mother Laura. Rosy’s older sister, Lizzie, who was at school at the time of filming, is one of the Young David Books’ biggest fans. Also in the video is my pal and friendly local assistant bookshop manager, Justin Dummer. I’ve been proud to work with this charity of the last year. Check it out, perhaps you could get involved too … http://www.speakingvolumes.org.uk/

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