A new frock for Poppy Denby

I’m going to challenge my dressmaking skills to try and make this fabulous outfit from an original 1920s pattern. If it’s a success I will wear it to a photo shoot in August to publicise the launch of The Jazz Files, the first in the Poppy Denby Investigates series in September. If it’s not a success I’ll wear it anyway and insist on low light.

Get rid of that loincloth!

I gave a talk on adaptation – the process of transferring stories between different media – at an ACW conference in Leeds last weekend. Had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends. Other speakers included Corin Child giving tips on taking opportunities to promote your own writing and Steve and Mandy Briars on getting books into bookshops. One of the delegates summed up what he’d learned during the day:

  • Get rid of the loincloth
  • Write in your pyjamas
  • Sleep with a skeleton
  • Some church people misunderstand writers
Now I’m going to be a real tease and not explain any of that!

Me pontificating on adaptation at the ACW Writers’ Conference in Leeds.

I visited Trinity School and College, Rochester, in May, to make a donation of books to their library. I did an interactive reading of my book, David and the Hairy Beast, where the children were encouraged to act out the stories. I then did a workshop with the older children on how to write and illustrate picture books. The books were donated by SPCK Publishing in celebration of the re-launch of the Young David Books series. Trinity is an independent day school specialising in teaching children aged 6 – 18 with a diagnosis of speech, language and communication difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, high-functioning autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. The staff do a brilliant job and I was highly impressed with how well the children engaged with me. It’s a school run on love. http://www.trinityschoolrochester.co.uk/


Here I am with Freya Bond (left) and Libby Bird


Georgia Murphy received the books for the library on behalf of Trinity School and College.

And just as I was putting this on my blog some wonderful thank you cards arrived from the children. I loved them all, but this picture from Erin and message from Bethany really touched me.