Produced screenplays

Enemy Lines

(FNA Films, 2008)
A soldier returns from the battlefield to a British street. As his tortured memories threaten to overpower him, he is faced with the choice of saving an anti-war protestor from a mugging or leaving her to suffer her fate. Moral lines of right and wrong are redrawn in this short but powerful four-minute film.

Enemy Lines - short film

Directed by: Michael Steel
Written by: Fiona Veitch Smith
Produced by: Zahra Zomorrodien and Dawn Furness
Director of Photography: David Dixon
Awards and nominations:

Jesus Calls the Fishermen

(Home Plate Entertainment, 2016)
Six minute animation script for The Guardians of Ancora Role Play Game. The animation is being brought to life by Home Plate Entertainment whose Producer, Bill Schultz, has previously produced classic shows such as The Simpsons and Jakers.

Quest 1 – Jesus calls the fishermen from Scripture Union on Vimeo.

Wally & Floss and the Five Golden Rules

Wally and Floss and the 5 golden rules(Edumedia, 1999)
This educational video script was for a pre-school HIV-awareness programme. The project was funded by the South Peninsula Health Department in Cape Town and is still used in pre-schools and nurseries in the city.

Directed by: Dirk Binneman and Fiona Veitch Smith
Written by: Fiona Veitch Smith

Screenplays in development

The Choice Movie

(The Choice Movie Company)
A full-length feature film adaptation of a true life interfaith love story, based book The Choice by Elizabeth Robertson Campbell. For more information on this very exciting project visit


The Last of the Gypsy Royals

(Tony Glover Film and Video)

A documentary about the re-uniting of the descendents of the last Gypsy Royal Family of Yetholm. After posting an article I had written on this colourful family, descendents from around the world started ‘meeting’ on my website. A real-life reunion was organised and Tony Glover and I filmed the whole thing. Initially supported by Northern Film and Media we are now looking for additional funding to help us finish this fascinating film.

Charles, king of the Yetholm gypsies


Screenplays looking for a producer

Another Man’s Shoes

It’s 1956, the height of the London jazz scene, and two black pianists arrive in the capital. They’ve never met but look uncannily alike. One is escaping a gay sex scandal at a posh school, the other is embroiled in an inter-racial affair with a society heiress. Neither realise they’re a threat to a billion pound shipping empire and a tycoon who will do anything to stop them. Jazz, sex and murder – it’s a perfect fit.

A period crime drama written by: Fiona Veitch Smith (full script available)


Two women meet in a gym. They’re the same age but on opposite ends of the career / family spectrum. Clarissa wants Dawn’s life until she discovers that Dawn already has a bit of hers. A ten minute film covering a life-time of disappointment.

Spinning was shortlisted for Northern Film and Media’s Maxi Stingers 7.

A short drama written by: Fiona Veitch Smith (full script available)

Fly Me to the Moon

Unemployed Jordan Moon feels trapped on his Tyneside council estate and wants to be an astronaut. His chance comes when the BBC launch a reality TV show to find Britain’s next civilian candidate for the International Space Station. But when he’s forced to choose between his pregnant girlfriend and his dream career, will he give up the universe for his earthly love?

A romantic comedy written by: Fiona Veitch Smith (at outline stage)

The Sword of Darius

An Iraqi archaeologist invites a British film crew to visit an ancient Persian citadel to document his search for the mythical Sword of Darius. He is following the diary of a British archaeologist who disappeared there 60 years ago. But it seems like someone does not want the sword to be found. Trapped in the citadel the team battle to decipher the diary and survive the night.

A slasher thriller written by: Fiona Veitch Smith (at treatment stage)

The Dreamsavers

When children who dream become a threat to the job market, nanoprobes are injected into their brains. Only The Dreamsavers can free the next generation to be all they were meant to be. A SciFi adventure series for 6 – 12-year-olds.

Written by: Fiona Veitch Smith (Full script of pilot episode available)