Signed novels for Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day in the UK is early this year. Sunday 6 March. How about giving your mum or mum-in-law a signed copy of one of my novels. ‘The Peace Garden’ is a romantic thriller set alternately in England and Apartheid South Africa. ‘The Jazz Files’ is a mystery set in 1920s London against the background of the Suffragettes. The Peace Garden is a slightly ‘edgier’ read. The Jazz Files slightly lighter. If you would like more information on what the books are about, click on the images on the right hand side of this page under ‘Fiona’s books’. I can sign to your mother of choice and post off to you. £10 inclusive of P&P. Message me if you’re interested.


2 comments on “Signed novels for Mothers’ Day

  1. BMJ Gatt on said:

    Hello Fiona,

    I love the cover of your novel The Jazz Files – Poppy Denby Investigates, which brings back memories of my first job in London as a typist. I see that you did a review on Andrea Levy’s novel The Long Song. I too have published a novel on Amazon in book and e-book form entitled “ONE OF MANY” by B.M.J. Gatt and would be extremely grateful if you could review it for me.

    • Fiona on said:

      Hello BMJ, I’m afraid I have a long list of books I am required to read and review for work – by the look of it, its’ going to take me three years to get through them! So I am sorry but I cannot take on yet another title as I am already swamped. I reviewed The Long Song because it was one of those rare books that I actually chose for myself to read for pleasure – instead of being asked to for ‘work’ – and it was such a treat for me that I reviewed it. I wish you well with your book and hope you attract lots of readers.

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