Free download of Hairy Beast

Back from a fabulous launch in London of the Young David Book apps. I was interviewed live on Premier Radio by Maria Rodrigues on the day of the launch. Amazing to think these stories that started simply as a children’s talk in my local church have now gone global!!!!! For two more days only you can download your free copy of David and the Hairy Beast where, in addition to having a narrated story, you can interact with the characters and move them around the page. My favourite bit is when you can sheer a sheep and fire a catapult at a hairy beast! Download your free copy for iPad here.

Biblical goes digital!

Drum roll please … a sneak peek at the Young David Book apps! Now coming out on 24 April (with free download of book 1 for first 7 days). If you click on the videos you can see a filmed version of a child interacting with The Hairy Beast and the other vid is of me being interviewed intercut with a reading illustrator Amy Barnes and I did at a school. Do share!!/videos/40544

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