Princess Fiona does World Book Day

I’ve been invited to a school to do creative writing workshops and book readings of my Young David Books for World Book Day tomorrow. I’ve been asked to come as a character from a book! I was just planning on coming as ‘the author’ and wearing something suitably Bohemian. But now I think I need to come as a character. And what fits better than Princess Fiona from William Steig’s ‘Shrek’? I have an old green velvet dress I last wore 23 years ago on my graduation from Rhodes University. And as long as I don’t eat or breathe, I’ll be fine. If I survive I will post a pic of me at the school. But for now, you’ll have to settle for this imposter …

World Book Day reading

Very excited to be reading to Key Stage 1 children at Milecastle Primary School tomorrow for World Book Day. The head teacher saw the exhibition of Young David Book illustrations at the Holy Nativity Church in Chapel House, Newcastle, and asked me to come to the school. Looking forward to inspiring some young hearts and minds.

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