Different Tracks review

Last week I posted a link to my film Enemy Lines (see below). I mentioned that the film was based on a short story I wrote. That story, also called Enemy Lines, features in my short story anthology Different Tracks. As a result of posting the film, there have been a flurry of people downloading the anthology. One of them has been kind enough to leave a 5-star review. Thank you.

If you would like to read the anthology for yourself, here’s a taster:

Sometimes it’s only when we change tracks that we see the route we should have taken. An anthology of three short stories.

The Yacht Trip
Can a ghostly meeting on a remote Northumberland coast prevent a tragedy?

Enemy Lines
A soldier and a war protester change sides. Will love conquer all?

Another Man’s Shoes
It is said we all have a doppelganger. But what happens if yours is already dead?

You can get your own copy of Different Tracks here.

You can view the film here.

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