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I’ve just found this online version of my film Enemy Lines that was made in 2008. The film, produced by FNA Films and directed by Michael Steel, was screened at festivals around the world in 2008/2009, including the prestigious Soho Short Film Festival in London. If you’re a director or producer and are looking for a script, do get in touch. For more on my film work see ‘screenplays’ above. To read the short story that this film was based on, download my short story collection ‘Different Tracks’. And if you’re none of those things, then simply enjoy!

Enemy Lines - short film

Different Tracks

I’m delighted to have had my first adult anthology of short stories published as an e-book. For a limited period only, Crafty Publishing is giving away free downloads of Different Tracks.different-tracks

Two of these stories were written when I did my MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University. The third, Enemy Lines, was made into a short film by FNA films. It was screened at festivals in New York, Jersey, Newcastle and London. You can see a taster of the film here.

I have adapted and extended another of the stories, Another Man’s Shoes, into a feature-length screenplay. Although it has still to attract a producer, the screenplay was a semi-finalist at the Socal Film Festival in California in 2009.

But now, for the very first time, you can read the original stories as they were first written.

The Yacht Trip
Can a ghostly meeting on a remote Northumberland coast prevent a tragedy?

Enemy Lines
A soldier and a war protester change sides. Will love conquer all?

Another Man’s Shoes
It is said we all have a doppelganger. But what happens if yours is already dead?

‘Different Tracks: sometimes it’s only when you change tracks that you realise the route you should have taken.

Download your free e-book here.

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