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Young David in South Korea

My Young David Books are now out in South Korean, published by Life Press.┬áIf any of you have friends or family who speak Korean (and might have some children they would like to buy these for) please let them know! I’m so chuffed :) (Would love to say that in Korean, but don’t know how.) And congratulations too to illustrator Amy Warmington (and her husband Andy) who have just given birth to a little boy. We grow Young David fans organically around here ;)


The Yellow Wallpaper

I’m blown away by the latest review of The Jazz Files on Day 5 of Poppy’s blog tour. This reviewer has seen things in the book – things I’ve layered deep into the text – that (so far) no other reviewer has seen. I’m delighted! You can read the review here.

The Yellow Wallpaper which she refers to is a short story by the feminist writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote the story in light of her own post natal depression in which a woman imagines someone crawling behind the wallpaper in her convalescent room. It is a powerful story of insanity that could have been prevented if women and their ‘problems’ were treated differently. You can read it for free on the Project Gutenberg website.

In memory

Today is Armistice Day. At 11am we will stop to remember the millions who have lost their lives in wars and conflicts. Like many I am appalled at how this annual memorial – and the symbol of the poppy – seems to have been taken over as a military recruitment drive. And yet, I still will wear a red poppy. To remember what happened in those blood-soaked trenches and the blood that has been shed since. I also remember my parents who were married 51 years ago today. My mother died in 2013. Today is one of the days I particularly remember her. I started this cross stitch a couple of days after her death. This is for her and my dad as well as for everyone mourning someone’s loss.

Dougie and Elizabeth Veitch, 11 November 1964, Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne